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Sinhala Film Pitasakwala Abirahasa by Nirmal Rajapaksha December 22, 2010

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Sinhala Film Pitasakwala Abirahasa by Nirmal Rajapaksha at

Original Article from Sandeshaya Sri Lannka – The Art of Sri Lankan Cinema.

Sinhala Film Pitasakwala Abirahasa Story
By Susitha R. Fernando
It was on April 25 this year, one of the leading scientists in the world, Stephen Hawking, warned the world that ‘extraterrestrials are almost certain to exist but humanity should avoid any contact’. In a series broadcast on the Discovery channel, Hawking said that contact with such a species could be devastating for humanity.

This was precisely the theme of young filmmaker Nirmal Rajapaksa’s debut film, who by then had completed his direction on the dangerous threat of aliens to the humanity.

Sinhala Film Pitasakwala Abirahasa by Nirmal Rajapaksha at www.sandeshaya.orgThe film titled ‘PitasakwalaAbhirahasa’ (The Mystery of ET) talks about a young man who tries to make contact with the extraterrestrials and the repercussions faced by him and the entire humanity. It shows the valiant attempt by another group of youngsters to prevent oncoming danger from the aliens.

The budding filmmaker, who passed out from a training course for film directors conducted by the National Film Corporation (NFC), ventured into the challenging task of making a 3-D animation film.
Young Nirmal managed to develop his own technology with whatever he could collect from the local market and, if necessary, from abroad.

“I wanted to search for the filmmaking technology and exploit it with my very first film,” said the 25-year-old determined director.

“For this purpose, I contacted some students of Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood. It was there the special effects used in films like ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Spiderman’ were made,” young Rajapaksa said.

Nirmal Rajapaksa spent nearly one and a half years to study the animation technology and he was thankful to the Arthur C. Clark Foundation and the Universities of Moratuwa, Kelaniya and Colombo for their support.

The project that was launched on July 2009 was completed by January 4 this year. This is a film that was produced in a digital environment with 100 per cent computer graphics.

His friend, 3-D Animation Director Induranga Weerasuriya, created three alien creatures, two space ships and a number of other creations including a digital theatre with the limited technology available.
“At one point, we wanted a steady camera to shoot in the forest and we made it using local technology,” said Nirmal. The entire film has undergone a colour grading.

The film was shot in Kandy, Digana, Balana and the Sinharaja forest while some urban scenes were shot in Gampaha, Negombo and Kiribathgoda.
Nirmal RajapaksaNirmal Rajapaksa

The film team, both cast and the crew, comprises almost all amateurs. Young Lasantha Kamalsiri and Shamila Vijini play the lead role while Vimukthi Udara, Maduri Poornima, Arosha Kanchana, Randhika Nuwan, Anjula Gamage, Thilina Anuradha and Chamila Dhananjani play the supporting roles.

Kaushal Stanley and Sudesh Nissanka handle the special sound effects department in addition to creating the originalscore for ‘Pitasakwala Abhirahasa’. The art director is Deepthi Bandara and lighting was handled by Ranga Sri while experienced sound engineer Lionel Gunaratne of Sarasavi Studio was in charge of the sound control.

In addition to directing, Nirmal also plays a multirole as the scriptwriter, camera director, editor and main producer. ‘Pitasakwala Abhirahasa’ is co-produced by NFC and the film which is in its postproduction stage is soon to be released to the public.

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Sinhala Film Pitasakwala Abirahasa Photo Gallery
Sinhala Film Pitasakwala Abirahasa by Nirmal Rajapaksha at
Sinhala Film Pitasakwala Abirahasa by Nirmal Rajapaksha at
Sinhala Film Pitasakwala Abirahasa by Nirmal Rajapaksha at
Sinhala Film Pitasakwala Abirahasa by Nirmal Rajapaksha at
pictures from

Original Article from Sandeshaya Sri Lannka – The Art of Sri Lankan Cinema.


Sinhala Film Sinhawalokanaya by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa at Sandeshaya December 20, 2010

Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Sinhawalokanaya by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa at Sandeshaya Sri LankaSri Lankan Sinhala Film Sinhawalokanaya by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

Original Article from Sandeshaya Sri Lannka – The Art of Sri Lankan Cinema.

Sinhawalokanaya Cast
Actress : Binoli Jayamaha
Actress : Seetha Kumari Ehalepola
Actress : Nimesha Madhushani
Actress : Nethu Priyangika
Actress : Sadani Sulakna
Actress : Udayanthi Nirushika Kulathunga
Actress : Kusum Renu
Actress : Kanchana Mendis
Actress : Damitha Abeyratne
Actress : Dilhani Ashokamala Ekanayake
Actress : Maurine Charuni
Main Actor : Delon Jayasinghe
Main Actress : Raini Charuka Gunathilaka
Actor : Sanath Gunathilaka
Actor : Cleatus Mendis
Actor : Palitha Silva
Actor : G.R.Perera
Actor : Jayalal Rohana
Actor : Kumara Thirimadura
Actor : Sarath Kothalawala
Actor : Pubudu Chaturanga
Actor : Menaka Rajapaksha
Actor : Wasantha Kumarawila
Actor : Ashen Manjula
Actor : Gamini Hettiarachchi
Actor : Janaka Ranasinghe
Actor : Darshan Dharmaraj
Actor : Prabath Pathiraja
Actor : Mihira Sirithilaka
Actor : Chinthaka Peiris

Sinhawalokanaya Crew
Production Manager : Palitha Thennakoon
Cinematographer : Prabath Roshan
Choreographers : Shan Perera
Assistant Director : Dhanushka Jayawardana
Assistant Director : Ranjan Prasanna
Art Director : Aheliyagoda Somathilaka
Director : Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa
Script : Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa
Producer : Rohan De Silva
Producer : Pasan Chandrasekara
Producer : Dilan Lamb
Editor : Pravin Jayaratne
Sound Management : Pravin Jayaratne
Story : Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa
Producer : Ravihans Wetakepotha

Sinhawalokanya is the latest sinhalese film. Recently they released the previews of this film which combines fast and present of Sri Lankan life. This film has many other remarkable features that one may prompt himself to go the theater.
Popular singer and upcoming actress Raini Charuka Gunathilaka (Rookantha & Chandralekha’s daughter) play a main role in this film. Other than her two other special Sri Lankans from different fields also join the film as actors. Yes DeLon Jayasinghe and Thilakarathna Dilshan also in this film. DeLon Jayasinghe is a USA based singer who played a big part during the North East war. He was the one who could reveal MIAS’s baseless comments against Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan army.
We all know who Thilakarathan Dilshan is and what his talents are. So cricket lovers have another reason to watch this movie other than that the story is based on a cricket match. This film has been both written and directed by SUneth Malinga Lokuhewa. Following are official preview of the film and few promotional posters.

“The Cricket Film 2011 Sinhawalokanaya- Upcoming Massive Period Film will Re-Boot the Entire Sri Lankan Cinema with Sri Lankan Film Industry’s First Collaboration with Universal Pictures and Fox Search Light! This is a film that showing the epic battle and struggle a group of uneducated? villagers went through to get its independence back in 1948 and its discusses a “secret” what happened between 1947 November and to talk about how Sri Lanka got its independence in 1948! This is Not a Re Make of? Lagaan. Lagaan was a film about a Land Tax. This is not about Land Tax. neither it features anything to do with lagaan. THIS IS ABOUT CRICKET.. 1ST SRILANKAN CRICKET FILM”.

Sinhawalokanaya Photo Gallery
Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Sinhawalokanaya by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Sinhawalokanaya by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Sinhawalokanaya by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Sinhawalokanaya by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Sinhawalokanaya by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Sinhawalokanaya by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Sinhawalokanaya by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Sinhawalokanaya by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Sinhawalokanaya by Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

Original Article from Sandeshaya Sri Lannka – The Art of Sri Lankan Cinema.


Tikiri Suwanda of Sunil Aruna Weerasiri now showing… December 17, 2010

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Tikiri Suwanda Cast
Main Actor : Jayalal Rohana
Main Actor : Joe Abeywickrama
Main Actress : Anula Karunathilaka
Main Actress : Duleeka Marapana
Actor : Rodney Warnakula
Actor : Giriraj Kaushalya
Actor : Sarath Kothalawala
Actor : Sarath Chandrasiri
Actress : Pramudi Karunarathna
Actor : Pramod Mihiranga Weerasiri
Actor : Kalana Gihan

Tikiri Suwanda Crew
Make-up Artists : Nimal Rajapaksha
Production Manager : Samith Prasanna
Production Manager : Lionel Gunarathna
Executive Producer : Kanthi Weerasiri
Director : Sunil Aruna Weerasiri
Editor : Ravindra Guruge
Cinematographer : K.D. Dayananda
Music Director : Rohana Weerasinghe
Dancing Director : Kulasiri Budawaththage

Tikiri Suwanda Story
The story is based on the village. It focuses on the deeds of a child who ventures through hardships to emerge with triumph. It is a inspiring tale and one which both young and old will enjoy.



Tikiri Suwanda, the latest movie all set to begin work on January 20, sees well known producer Sunil Aruna Weerasiri turning film director. He is also the producer of the movie which he had scripted as well. His debut direction stars child actor Malisha Samaratunga in the lead role along with Weerasiri\’s son, Pramod Mihiranga\’s introduction to the wide screen.

Award-winning actor, Joe Abeywickrama had made a comeback to cinema with Tikiri Suwanda.

He plays a key role in the movie along with Jayalal Rohana and Anula Karunatileke. Giriraj Kaushalya, Duleeka Marapana, Jayani Senanayake, Rodney Warnakula, Priyantha Seneviratna, Ramya Wanigasekara, Janaka Ranasinghe, Sarath Chandrasiri, Anura Bandara Rajaguru, Sarath Kothalawala, Upeksha Swarnamali, and Saranapala Jayasuriya are also a part of the cast which includes a number of new faces as well.

Several child actors also take on significant roles.

The story and dialogues are by Lal Pagoda Arachchi. K.D. Dayananda is the cameraman, Nimal Rajapakse the make up artist, Sumith Kudaligama the art director and Priyantha Pathirage the assistant director of Tikiri Suwanda.

Rohana Weerasinghe is the music director while Ven. Rambukkana Siddhartha and Bandula Nanayakkarawasam penned the lyrics.

Veteran vocalist Nanda Malini, Senenayake and Rodney Warnakula will provide background vocals.

The production executive is Kanthi Weerasiri and the Production Manager is Lionel Gunaratne backed by Sumith Prasanna.

The media coordination and publicity is handled by Prem Dissanayake, Rohana Siriwardena and Yapa Bandara Seneviratne.

Shooting will commence in several locations including Narammala and Kandy and the movie is looking for an early release in April. Tikiri Suwanda is a Arunakanthi Film production.


Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Saraa by Pradeep Nishantha at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

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Sara Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Saraa by Pradeep Nishantha at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka Sujani Menaka Dahanayaka Sinhala Film Saraa Pubudu Chaturanga Pradeep Nishantha  sinhala film image photosSri Lankan Sinhala Film Saraa by Pradeep Nishantha at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka.

The plot is simple and straightforward in narration except for two flashback scenes. There is a disabled girl whose father, a Tamil person is killed without a clear-cut purpose. This girl is taken over by Sara and she dreams of her father in heaven

Sinhala Film Saraa Cast
Main Actress : Sujani Menaka Dahanayaka – Saraa
Main Actor : Pubudu Chaturanga
Actor : Asanka Perera
Actor : Chandika Nanayakkara
Actress : Maurine Charuni
Actor : Kumara Karunananda
Actor : Ranjan Ramanayaka
Actress : Malani Fonseka

Sinhala Film Saraa Crew
Producer : G. Nandasena
Director : Pradeep Nishantha
Cinematographer : G. Nandasena

View Photos and Videos..

By Susitha R. Fernando
One of the popular mega tele-series telecast on the miniscreen, ‘Sara’ is made for the big screen will be released in Regal Colombo and other CEL circuit cinemas from this week. Directed and edited by Nishantha Pradeep while production and camera direction are by G. Nandasena, the story is completely different from the teledrama although the main role and some of the leading roles are similar to the miniplay which ended up on October 1.

‘We borrowed the teledrama title because it was a household name as the teledrama was popular among the viewers. But story of the cinematic version is completely different while the cinematic effects are added with cinemascope production,’ said producer G. Nandasena speaking about the film.

‘Sujani was the best selection for Sara and we could not think of anyone else other than her for the main role on the big screen as well,’ he said justifying the selection of talented actress Sujani Menaka.

‘Sara remained as one of the popular teledramas for nearly three years continuously and as soon as it ended up we wanted to release the cinematic version,’ he added. However some of the characters have been changed and some new characters have been created for the film story.

Asela Jayakody, Maureen Charuni, Asanga Perera, Pubudu Chathuranga, Srimal Wedisinghe are some of the other cast members playing in the teledrama. The film was entirely shot in Colombo and its suburbs while some of the locations in Nuwara Eliya had been selected for shooting a song. Janaka Siriwardena and Rohan Waanaguru have joined in the production.




Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Suba by Ariyadasa Peiris at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

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z p22 Suba 01 Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Suba by Ariyadasa Peiris at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka Sinhala Film Suba Sanoja Bibile Sandun Wijesiri Ranjith Peiris Muthu Tharanga Music Director Rohana Weerasinghe Manjula Moragaha Editor : Randika Nadeeshan Ariyadasa Peiris Apsara Boteju  sinhala film suba image photosSri Lankan Sinhala Film Suba by Ariyadasa Peiris at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

Sinhala Film Suba Cast
Actor : Cleatus Mendis
Main Actress : Muthu Tharanga
Main Actor : Manjula Moragaha
Actress : Apsara Boteju
Actress : Sanoja Bibile
Actor : Sandun Wijesiri
Actor : Jeevan Handunneththi
Actor : Ranjith Peiris
Actress : Gratiel Chitrangani

Sinhala Film Suba Crew
Editor : Randika Nadeeshan
Story : Ariyadasa Peiris
Dialogs : Ariyadasa Peiris
Script : Ariyadasa Peiris
Director : Ariyadasa Peiris
Music Director : Rohana Weerasinghe
Cinematographer : Dinesh Kumara
Producer : K.R. Siriwardana
Producer : Ajith Kulathunga
Producer : W.R. Dammika
Producer : Swetha De Silva
Producer : Ariyadasa Peiris
Assistant Director : Suresh Kumarasinghe
Art Director : Ranjith De Silva

View Photos and Videos..

Popular actor Manjula Moragoda launched his website at the press show of Ariyadasa Peries’ film Suba. The movie has Manjula and Muthu Tharanga in lead roles backed by eye catching performances by Cletus Mendis, Apsara Botheju, Sanoja Bibile, Sandun Wijesiri, Jeewan Handunetthi, Ranjith Peries and Gratiel Chitragani.

The films involves a crime story. A courageous policewoman is hot on the trail of a criminal.

However the ruthless killer will not give up the game without a fight. It is a matter of who would outwit the other. Finally on her disappearance a police high official is called to the scene.

He is supported by another policewoman who also happens to be his university sweetheart. Would justice be served? What is the story behind the tangled web? Await Suba to find out.

The story, dialogs and script are by the director. Rohana Weerasinghe set the music to songs sung by Vijaya Kumaratunge, Edward Jayakody, Charitha Priyadharshani, Bandula Wijeweera, Saman de Silva, Maxie Jayaweera and Milton Silva.

Dinesh Kumara is the cameraman of the project which is produced by K R Siriwarrena, Ajith Kulathunga, W R Dammika, Swetha de Silva and Ariyadasa Peries on behalf of Charitha Mali Films. Suresh Kumarasinghe is the Technical Director, Ranjith Jayasekara the Administrator, Ranjith de Silva the Art Director and Randika Nadeeshan the Editor of Suba. The film will begin screening at Ritz–Borella, Dulmini-Horana, Montero -Nugegida, Vijendra-Anuradhapura, National-Maharagama, Wembley-Kandy and several other cinemas islandwide from October 8.


Sri Lankan Sinhala Film Behind the Scenes by Lakpathy Wijesekara at Sandeshaya Sri Lanka

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Original article from Sandeshaya

Behind the Scenes Cast
Actor : Nawalagodagedara Janananda
Actor : Nuwan Pradeep
Actress : Sumudu Attygalle
Actress : Chamli Rajapaksha
Actor : Lahiru Sandaruwan
Actor : Shanuka Jagodaarachchi
Actress : Thisarani Edirisinghe
Main Actress : Ruwendi Wakwella
Actor : Niranga Kaluarachchi
Actor : Piyumal Saminda
Actor : Dinindu Ekanayake
Main Actor : Rajeeva Ramanayake

Behind the Scenes Crew
Art Director : Banuka Vithanage
Production Manager : Chirath Abeysinghe
Script : Kosala Senevirathne
Script : Supun Sudaraka
Cinematographer : Chanuka De Mel
Music Director : Kevin Macleod
Editor : Samudra Umayanga
Director : Lakpathy Wijesekara

View Photos and Videos..

Behind the scenes is the first feature film produced by The Unlimited Entertainment. It is the culmination of the experiences gained by a team of after/AL students from Royal College, not only through making of short films, filming of school events and theatre productions, but also through the premature exposure to the hardships and realities in their zealous voyage towards making their own film. It is showcasing the talents and passion of Lakpathy Wijesekara, the Director and his team towards the silver screen.

The film shot by a MD 10 000 camera, using the simplest of film equipment captures a facet of teens not touched by Sri Lankan cinema beofore. It narrates the story of an ambitious director dedicated and committed in toto to making his first feature yet encountering endless challenges which stem from lack of empathy, ignorance and arrogance. Behind the screen discusses friendship,hope,respect and solitude; questions the stereotyped sarcasm the institutionalized and organized industry sheds upon a bunch of committed, enthusiastic and revolutionist teenagers.

By Susitha R. Fernando
While many young people who enter the world of films aspire to become outstanding stars, Danesh Lanka Peiris who began as an actor hopes to join the crew behind the screen, deviating from the usual.
Entering the industry at the tender age of seven years, Lanka played a part in the film “Jeewanthi” made by his mother. However he gradually developed an interest in handling the camera. While yet a ordinary level examination student at Mahanama College, Colombo he assisted Hemasiri Sellapperuma in doing a film.

Lanka who took an active part in school plays made it a point to sit the Advanced Level examination in the arts stream. He realized his dream of becoming a successful film maker when he was made assistant director in ‘Newa Gilunath Bandchun’ which ran for over 100 days.

Some of the other films he assisted in which have become box office hits were Nombera 17 (No 17), ‘Uthura Dakuna’ and ‘Salambak Handai’.

Recalling he past Lanka said the opportunity he got to work with veterans like Vijaya Kumaratunga and Gamini Fonseka were moments he would never forget.

“Dwelling on the opportunity he had to work with some Indian film men he said he was amazed by the application and sacrifices of the technical crew in that country. “We have very few who are so dedicated to their work” Lanka said.

“Most of the producers here want to do films without spending money. This results in making cheap products which neither provides entertainment nor have any artistic value”, he added.

Asked for the fall in numbers of moviegoers in our country, Lanka said “the main reason I think is that we don’t have variety in the story line for our scripts,”.

“It is not necessary to have serious story lines always but a good film could be made with a simple story from a day to day happening”, he said.

“He also advocated the need to unearth new actors and actresses to replace the old faces” he said.

Lanka’s talents are not limited to directorial work alone. He has also mastered other areas like screen play writing, editing and even production aspects.

After having studied the art through trial and error Lanka spoke ruefully about the lack of an institution to teach cinema in all its forms.

According to this budding enthusiastic film personality the difficulty of finding producers is another big blow to the Sinhala cinema. “Producers here do not want to take the risk their money on uncertain ventures” he claimed. According to Lanka this was not the fault of producers, “What I think is that it is not hard to find producers if the film makers are armed with good scripts, technical facilities, cast and most importantly good preparation”.

Having worked in thirty four films so far, Lanka did not forget to remember his teacher Hemasiri Sellapperuma with gratitude. ‘His advice and guidance have been of great value to me’, he said.